Are you considering homecare for you or a loved one? At Direct Homecare, we understand that every person is unique, as is the nature and level of care that they require. We offer a variety of services from help around the house a couple of hours a week, to round-the-clock care for complex conditions. Equally, some care is required temporarily - such as post-injury or after returning home after a hospitalisation, whereas for many people the need is more permanent. Here, we’ll explore some of the reasons homecare might be the right care option for you or your loved one;


Home Environment

Homecare does exactly what it says on the tin. By delivering care at home, patients remain in their own home and can enjoy personal comforts. Care at home can sometimes delay or prevent stays in hospital, so patients and their families experience less disruption. There are many reasons that patients and their families may want to stay at home, including pets, location and accessibility. For patients with conditions like Alzheimers, staying at home and receiving continuity of care can significantly increase their quality of life and wellbeing, 


Stability & Consistency

Staying close to family and friends means that patients can enjoy more stable and consistent surroundings. For many, moving between locations can be tiring and distressing, so the ability to receive care or treatment from home is a real benefit. It allows many patients to retain their independence, stay in the local community and maintain relationships. Social connection is far better in a home care environment, rather than in institutionalised care. 



At Direct Homecare, our care packages are tailored to fit your needs. You can request as much or as little care as you want, and we offer highly flexible, comprehensive homecare services. Patients will not experience the same restraints of a care home or hospital ward, such as meal schedules, bed times and activities. We’re here to find a routine that suits you.

Peace of Mind

By choosing Direct Homecare as your homecare agency, we take on the responsibility of coordinating and delivering care. For many patients and their families, this can bring a huge sense of relief, taking the pressure off. We adhere to all national regulations, working hard to ensure consistently high standards across our business, such as our stringent staff vetting procedures. Staff absences, compliance checks and paperwork is all handled by our expert in-house team. Perhaps most importantly, you have control 



In a number of circumstances, homecare can be a less expensive option than residential care or a care home. The cost will depend on the level of care required and location, but for many people, homecare can be a better alternative. 


For more information about our Homecare services, contact us today. 

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