In recent years, the term “person centred care” has become widely used in the healthcare sector. The basic definition is where the client actively participates in the planning and delivery of their care plan (either the patient or their family).

At Direct Homecare, we strive to ensure every aspect of our services are “person centered”. 

Our homecare is designed to ensure consistently safe and high quality services, and promote independence where possible. At every step, we remind ourselves to keep the person at the centre of our decision making processes and delivery of care. This mentality not only improves the client experience, but also improves the standard of the homecare industry as whole. Whether you need a carer for a few hours a week to help out at home, or homecare nursing and clinical assistance, we’re here to help. So what does person centred care REALLY mean to us?

Clinical and Personal assessment

We offer a free assessment to establish both clinical and personal requirements. This helps to ensure that exactly the right care package is created, in collaboration between yourself and Direct Homecare.


Smooth transition of care

A smooth transition between care settings helps to provide continuity of care and a seamless experience, during what is often a very difficult time for you and your family. Safe and timely transition of care is vital in ensuring that you receive the right support and care, at the right time. 


Multidisciplinary care delivery

We are able to deliver integrated, multidisciplinary care at home, over and above homecare nurses or carers. Our team collaborates successfully by conducting joint meetings, securely sharing information electronically and maintaining an open channel of communication with the team leader or coordinator.


A holistic approach

We manage your care by focussing on your as a whole - taking care of physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs. We understand this isn't simply a case of “delivering care”, but instead a way of maintaining quality of life, independance, confidence and dignity.


Highly trained and skilled staff

At Direct Homecare, we are only as good as our home carers and homecare nurses  - and with this in mind we employ a stringent recruitment and compliance process. Our agency carers are homecare nurses enjoy a number of benefits including regular training and continuing professional development, to make sure they start up to date.


Carefully matched carers and clients

Person centred home care starts with the relationship between you and those delivering care. By matching each individual case with the right carers or homecare nurses, alongside support and training, we ensure that you or your loved one is working with exactly the right person.



Clinical and Admin support 24/7

Our team is on hand 356 days a year, at any time of the day - for all your homecare needs. We’re here to support and reassure you through what can often be a stressful time. Our support team welcomes feedback, so that we can continue to improve and create positive change.


Responsive, compassionate team

In order to offer consistent, effective and responsive care, every single member of the Direct Homecare team is on hand to support you with compassion and respect. Whatever your need, from a free homecare assessment to a complex home care package, our team is here to show you’re in good hands. 


For more information on Direct Homecare, contact a member of our homecare team today.

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