Complex Condition Homecare Explained

Homecare | posted: 22-06-2022
Complex Condition Homecare Explained


Complex condition care is a term that is becoming increasingly what does it all mean? Complex care supports those managing multiple health conditions at any one time, whether the need is physical or mental health related. Complex condition home care is the treatment of multiple health conditions that each have a high level of clinical needs, in the patients home.



There is an increasing number of people receiving diagnosis and treatment for more than one condition, and the need for a high standard of complex care has never been greater. These people are those that require complex care. The Health Foundation undertook a study in 2015/2016 that indicated one in three people being admitted to hospital as an emergency had over 5 conditions. In 2006/2007 that number was just one in ten.


Many people have become disillusioned with the effects of the increasing strain that’s being put on traditional care settings such as the NHS and care homes. Lack of personalisation in care is another factor motivating people to consider homecare as a viable option for delivering care for complex conditions. Long term complex condition homecare can reduce hospital admissions, as well as offering peace of mind to patients and their families.



At Direct Homecare, we carefully develop all our complex condition homecare plans to be tailor made to each individual. Through clinical strategies, collaboration and communication, we work with all those involved - patients, their families and multidisciplinary team of medical professionals - to build person-centred care plans.


If you or a loved one are considering complex condition homecare, please reach out to a member of our friendly team today - we can offer reassurance, advice and guidance in regards to homecare services. We have a wealth of experience delivering tailor, person-centred made complex care packages.