How To Choose A Homecare Provider

| posted: 22-06-2022
How To Choose A Homecare Provider

Choosing a homecare provider for you or a loved one can seem like a daunting task to many. Here at Direct Homecare, we’ve created a handy guide to help you through the process.


What type of homecare do you need?

Homecare can come in many forms. The first place to start when choosing a homecare provider is to consider which type of homecare is necessary. Depending on the unique requirements of each individual, it’s important to establish the type of homecare you or your loved one may need. At Direct Homecare, we offer free homecare assessments, working with you to establish precisely the type of care required. 

From personal care to complex clinical care, there are many combinations that will create the ideal care plan for each client. Types of homecare include:

1) Personal care, hygiene, continence care

2) Help around the house, cleaning, domestic duties

3) Shopping, cooking, food preparation, feeding 

4) Companionship, moving around the house, mobility, mitigating fall risks

5) Clinical homecare, nursing homecare and other healthcare needs



What level of homecare do you need?

Alongside the type of homecare required, it’s important to consider how often, or how little, you require care to be delivered. At Direct Homecare, we understand the need for flexible homecare to suit you, so we offer packages that range from occasional drop-in visits, to 24 hour homecare.

1) Round the clock homecare, 24 hour homecare

2) Overnight homecare or sit-in service

3) Respite homecare for family 

4) Emergency homecare or short notice homecare 

5) Home from hospital care or rehabilitation homecare

6) Drop-in homecare



What does the Homecare provider offer?

Alongside simply providing a homecare service, there are many additional factors to consider, that may help you to decide which homecare agency suits you and your loved one. Firstly, it’s important to understand how the homecare agency selects their carers, what are the entry requirements to work with their team, and how do they manage compliance. At Direct Homecare we have a stringent compliance system, which includes an in-depth interview process, obtaining professional references and DBS checks.

Find out how each homecare agency works to ensure continuity of care. Working with vulnerable patients, childrens and those with Dementia, we know that continuity of care can be the difference between a good and bad client experience. Our team of homecare workers boasts an impressive tenure and we work tirelessly to prevent as much staff turnover as possible.

Staff training is another key factor. We encourage regular staff training, allowing our agency homecare workers to keep their skillset up to date, learn new things and continue to progress in their career. Our homecare workers are provided with supervision, to make sure they feel supported, and allowing areas of development to be identified if necessary. It is our firm belief that homecare workers who are satisfied with their job deliver an exceptional standard of care, so we work to ensure all our staff have a high level of job satisfaction. 

When working with a homecare agency, communication is incredibly important. Ensure you understand how they communicate between the office, their carers and clients.



How are their homecare packages created?

Not all homecare packages are created equal! Once you’ve got a feel for how exactly each homecare agency does business, you can get down to the granular detail - ascertaining how their homecare packages are created. This can be a really useful tool when choosing the right homecare provider for you or your loved one.

At Direct Homecare, we focus on person centred care. Our homecare plans are carefully devised in full collaboration with our client, offering a flexible, bespoke solution. We work to continuously review our care packages, as we understand that needs may change. As mentioned earlier, we prioritise safety, dignity, continuity of care and client comfort.


How is their homecare monitored, documented and reviewed?

In order for homecare to be safe, appropriate and tailored to each individual, the homecare package and service must be well monitored, documented and reviewed. At Direct Homecare, we are committed to ensure a safe home environment (reviewing things such as trip hazards, and other safety precautions).

Creating a log of work is the best measure to monitor and document the standard of homecare being delivered. Quality assurance is a priority of Direct Homecare, and we conduct regular checks, meetings with clients and their families, and the necessary additional medical professionals (should our client require other services such as physiotherapy).



Do their values align with yours?

Once you’ve collected all the information you need to make an informed decision about choosing a homecare provider, there’s a final step to ensure the right fit. When putting your care, or the care of a loved one, in the hands of someone else, it’s essential that you feel their values are aligned with yours. We understand our clients' concerns, and our comprehensive and person-centred process will help to put your mind at ease that your care is our priority.

If you would like more information on arranging homecare for yourself or loved one, get in touch with our friendly team today. Our team is on hand 24/7 to speak about arranging homecare, answer any questions, or ease your mind if you have concerns - you can call us on 0345 230 1645 or email on