Janet's Story

Carer Stories | posted: 6-07-2022
Janet's Story

"One thing always remained consistent in my career: the rewarding manner in which my job makes me feel at the end of the day."


A passionate HCA in the world of healthcare

Having started my career in healthcare back in 2006, I’ve seen and worked in a multitude of healthcare environments ever since. During this time, I’ve done both homecare, being a part of domiciliary care packages and living care packages, as well as the more traditional side of care, working in residential homes and nursing homes. No matter who our clients were or what type of setting I had to work in, one thing always remained consistent: the rewarding manner in which my job makes me feel at the end of the day.  


Deciding to pursue what made me happy

I don’t think I knew from the start I was going to choose this career. When I was younger, I was living my grandmother and as she got older, I started looking after her, something that went on until the day she passed. I realised during this time that I really enjoyed what I was doing. Later on, I figured out that I truly had a passion for caring for others as well. That’s why, when I’ve moved to the UK, in order to feel happy and rewarded by what I do, I decided to pursue a career as a healthcare assistant.


Delivering the highest quality of care

I believe there is a difference between care and other jobs. In healthcare, just like in any other jobs, we have a list of activities which need to be completed: provide personal care, prepare food, give medicine, tidy the space as well as others. These are, however, just basic requirements. The main thing we need to do to ensure that the highest level of care is being delivered, is to provide a feeling to our clients, not just a service. What I always try to do is to make the clients I look after feel like before they needed to have care arranged. Whether by signing their favourite song alongside them, dancing on their preferred music or reading stories, I try to do as many activities which allow me to connect to them through what they like as possible.


Want to be a great healthcare assistant? You need passion.

What do I believe makes a great HCA? Passion and dedication should probably be at the top of the list. Simply doing the activities on your list of daily duties isn't enough when you are a HCA. In this case, the how is as important as the what. You can thik all the boxes, however if you don't do it in a compassionate, respectful, trustworthy and dedicated manner, you are not providing the type of care which truly has the potential to change someone's life. And the type of care which has the potential to change someone's life is what I always try to provide all my clients with.