Moving from the Ward: Finding a Homecare Nurse Job

| posted: 22-06-2022
Moving from the Ward: Finding a Homecare Nurse Job

In our “Moving From The Ward” series this week, we’re speaking with an experienced agency nurse about their experiences moving from a RGN job to a homecare nurse job. Having worked with us for some time, they took the chance to transition into a homecare position. Answers below have been edited where necessary for length and clarity.



1) Tell me about your previous role, and why did you make the move?

I was working with Direct Homecare already, in a contract RGN job. I was living close to the hospital when an opportunity came up with a homecare client in the local area, so I jumped at the chance to try something new. 


2) What do you like about your job now?

I love how regular the shifts are. I have consistent and reliable work with Direct Healthcare which is a big weight off my mind. Also, it is truly rewarding to build good relationships with the patients I work with and their families over long term.


3) How is it different? And are certain aspects the same?

The biggest difference is that you’re the one who has to deliver all the care. There are no other nurses who can take over or pick up on something you may not have noticed. There is a much higher level of responsibility, but on the other hand it can be more relaxing to only have one patient. On a ward you’re often juggling many more patients. The general nursing itself is the same, and obviously your accountability is the same.



5) And what is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge for me has been communication. Working alone means I don’t have many colleagues to speak to which can make it quite lonely, but it’s all in a day's work - I keep busy and make time to speak to my friends, family and colleagues. 


6) Any final words for someone considering moving from ward to homecare?

I would say for those who are concerned about working in a patients home, families are warm and welcoming. On the occasion that you come across a snappy or irritable patient, it is often due to their own situation, stress or their condition - rather than anything else or it being a personal thing. Direct Healthcare has been really supportive and given me guidance and advice throughout the entire process. 



If you want more information on finding a homecare nursing job, contact our homecare nurse recruitment team today and we’ll be happy to guide you through the current recruitment market, and offer advice on transitioning from a ward to a homecare job.