Moving from the Ward: ICU to a job in Homecare Nursing

| posted: 22-06-2022
Moving from the Ward: ICU to a job in Homecare Nursing

In this installment of our “Moving from the Ward” series, we spoke with a homecare nurse with a background in ICU and HDU jobs.


1) Tell me about your previous role

I worked as a band 6 ICU nurse, privileged to have worked in the intensive care, high dependency and recovery units of many hospitals for several years.


2) What made you make the move?

I was lucky to have a very good relationship with a lovely patient I looked after in the hospital who required ongoing care in the community and she wanted me to be part of her care team upon discharge from hospital. Caring for her in her own home as a homecare nurse broke my phobia of working in the community and gave me the confidence to take on the care and management of other clients in the home care setting.


3) How did you find the transition?

It was a very good transition into my homecare nurse job, there is nothing to regret about the move although I miss working in a proper critical care setting and the adrenaline rush that comes with it.



4) What do you like about your homecare nurse job now?

I like the fact that it gives me a break from the stress of working in a busy critical care setting and gives me the opportunity to interact with other health and social care professionals within the community. It's also rewarding to offer my specialist care to those that need it in the community as a homecare nurse.


5) How is your homecare nurse job different? And are certain aspects the same?

The difference is that it is not very challenging, not so stressful, but you could lose your clinical skills, knowledge, competence and experience over time. All of this may impact on your confidence to function effectively in a proper clinical setting in the future. There are some similarities depending on the condition and clinical needs of the client(s). Moreover, there is a lot to learn from working in the community.



6) And what is your biggest challenge?

For me, the biggest challenge is the attitude of some clients and their families, but overtime I’ve built strong relationships with clients. Travelling to some clients homes and parking can be less than ideal, but I get a strong level of support from the Direct Healthcare team and the benefits massively outweigh the challenges. 


7) Any final words for someone considering moving from ward to a homecare nurse job?

In conclusion, I would encourage my colleagues to give working in a homecare nurse job a try but remember to keep up your clinical skills, experience and competence by delving back into a clinical/acute care setting once in a while. Update yourself in any way you can to keep up with the evolving trends in healthcare.

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