Reasons why more people are turning to Homecare 

| posted: 22-06-2022
Reasons why more people are turning to Homecare 

More and more people are turning to homecare as an alternative to care homes or assisted living. Homecare offers the comfort of staying in your own home, whilst receiving an excellent standard of care - whether it’s domiciliary homecare or complex condition homecare.


Domiciliary care includes elderly homecare, helping around the house or companionship services, whilst complex condition homecare offers clinical, nurse-led care for conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, acquired brain injuries and Parkinson’s disease. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the care home industry faced a number of challenges. 

With the care home industry under close scrutiny, it is becoming clear that homecare is on the rise, as a first choice for those wanting to take control of their care. Many families were denied visits to their loved ones in care homes, and this understandably left many people feeling unsafe and alone. This has resulted in more people than ever before exploring homecare as an option. 



Homecare isn’t without it’s own hurdles. The transition and integration period can take some time and getting used to, but overall individualised, person centred care is fast becoming the most attractive option for many families looking for care. 

Another benefit of choosing homecare is the bond that can develop between carers and families. Having a carer in the home means that you can state your own preferences and choices. Emotional and physical associations in the home can put you or your loved one more at ease. Homecare has also been shown to have lower infection rates, in comparison to those in a care home and homecare can reduce the risk of hospital admissions because care can be delivered effectively whilst remaining at home.



For many people, their main priority is keeping their family together - and homecare is a perfect option for that. Equally, you and your family can be involved in the creation of a treatment plan, allowing you to feel in control of your care. If you are thinking about homecare as an option for you or a loved one, get in touch with the Direct homecare team today.