Shingrai's Story

Carer Stories | posted: 8-06-2022
Shingrai's Story

"The most important things are to be empathic, honest, patient and to do everything out of love."

A passion for care

Caring is to know that you’ve done something from the bottom of your heart, it’s not like an industry where you manufacture clothes, it’s much purer, it’s to do with life. At times it can be very hard emotionally and other times it can be very emotionally satisfying, but this is me, this is who I am, this is what I can do: try my best and hardest to help a person as much as they want me to.


Inspired by my family

From starting my journey as a carer 20 years ago, to becoming qualified and working as a Registered General Nurse for the past 14 years, I have formed many bonds and made a lot of memories, both positive as well as negative over this time. I believe my desire to choose this path came from my grandmother. She was also a nurse and I always found what she was doing to be so inspirational. Caring and nursing are more than just businesses, they are about life, looking after human beings, which I believe is very pure, something that comes straight from the heart. In our profession we cannot afford to be absent as there is always need for us.



Making a true difference

When I came to work at Direct Homecare, I really liked the passion everyone shares for being great at what they do. Communication is great between the teams as well as with the clients, which allows us to fully understand the needs and preferences of our clients and act upon the things which could be improved. And this really helps us make a difference, which in turn brings back great satisfaction. Whilst this career is extremely rewarding, it can also prove to be challenging and depressing at times, however these are things which we need to try and overcome. I believe there isn’t any secret behind being good at this role.


Motivated by helping others

The most important things are to be empathic, honest, patient and to do everything out of love. I can’t really say this is something you do for money, you do it to ensure the client’s wellbeing, to listen to them, to speak and build a relationship with them and to see them and their families trusting you gives immense fulfilment. To be able to achieve these goals is what truly makes me so passionate about my career.